MWP 1: Creating Wealth Through Property Course

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Creating Wealth through Property is the ultimate guide to investing in Real Estate with the aim of achieving your long term wealth and retirement income goals. The program covers everything from;

Defining your best cash-flow income and long term wealth creation strategies.

Picking the high growth areas and properties to invest in.

Getting the best finance for your property investments.

How to set up your structures to protect your assets, maximise your returns and legally minimise the tax you pay.

As well as how to negotiate the best price, and buy at discounts.

Renovate and add value to your properties. As well as how to then sell for immediate profits… or rent and hold your properties for maximum capital growth and rental return.

If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, or you are a current investor looking to develop a substantial portfolio and increase your skills and knowledge to make it happen, then this is the program that will help you get closer to your goals.

You can't become a real estate millionaire overnight, however you can decide to take this journey with us and see the path that others do too… and how this can inspire you to follow a similar journey to the ultimate dream and freedom of living off passive income created through real estate.

The program is delivered on-line with a combination of lessons, as well as interviews with developers, finance and accounting experts and others.

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  1. Please note that each individual's success depends on their activities & action. We show you the system and everything you need to do and you need to be able to follow it through. We show you the door and you walk through it.
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