30k Investment Grant

Would You like A 100% Interest FREE Loan Towards An
Investment Property Or To Purchase Your First Home? ...

THAT'S RIGHT!... They are doing it again. Real Estate For Profit is
offering up to $30,000 interest free property grants to select
individuals to help them get started building their investment
property portfolio or even buying their first home...


  • We are trialing this Investment Property Interest Free Loan on 50 properties only!
  • This is for members and customers of the Real Estate For Profit Programs only!
  • This loan is 100% interest free! And, if your property does not increase in value you never have to pay it back ...
  • We research multiple potential high growth suburbs and look for positive cash flow opportunities across Australia where you can invest in different sized properties.
  • The title and property will be 100% yours and in your name.
  • This is not buying off the plan! We do NOT inflate prices of properties either!

Why Are We Offering This and How Do We Get Paid/Benefit?

  • We want to make it more affordable for Australians to buy their first or second investment property or their very own home
  • We take a small fixed percentage of the capital growth of the property (once it has gone up in value)
  • If the property doesn't grow in value, we don't get paid!

* To find out more and the Terms & Conditions join our Real Estate Program today!


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